About Business Coaching New Zealand

Business Coaching New Zealand and Trades Coaching New Zealand are 100% New Zealand owned and operated.


Business Coaching New Zealand and Trades Coaching New Zealand are thriving, franchised and constantly growing – and positive feedback from hundreds of kiwi businesses continues to flow in!


Terry Sage, director and founder of both businesses, has extensive experience throughout a wide range of industries – from trades through to governmental and educational arenas.


This is in itself a key to providing great mentoring: knowledge of processes and experience in business manifestations from growth right through to knowing when to pull back – and how to go about it!


In essence, a business coach simply takes great business people and makes them and their businesses better. The secret is they don’t tell them how to do their job, build a house, pull out a tooth or sell a pair of shoes, they concentrate purely on the business side of their business – and that’s what Business Coaching and Trades Coaching New Zealand coaches do so well.


What do we do?

We use the basic business principles that are in all of the books, all of the training courses, all of the seminars. The difference is with a business coach on board there’s somebody next to you pushing, encouraging and making you do what you wanted to do for years but never got around to actually doing! When we conduct a Business Analysis for a potential new client, we determine what’s working well, what’s working not as well as it could, the goals of the owner and many more aspects.


Business owners take away a lot from these sessions as they are welcome to use any of our suggestions, but mainly it gets them to step out of the daily grind of running their business and to start looking inside the business processes. It’s usually a great eye opener on where the business could go to and how it can get there.


Business Coaching New Zealand and Trades Coaching New Zealand have worked alongside hundreds of businesses – with two dozen located on the tropical islands of the Solomon Islands.



BCNZ and TCNZ volunteers coaching services not only to Business Mentors New Zealand but also to the Business Mentors Pacific Programme that sees our coaches travelling to the Solomon Islands twice a year.


With a business coach on your team, you will notice a massive shift in your day-to-day business experience. A little push in the right direction can make all the difference - it can be very lonely owning a company, and sometimes just having somebody to talk to can make the world of difference.


Of course, having someone who’s been there before, and who understands your circumstances really does help: and that’s where BCNZ and TCNZ coaches really play a part.


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